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Online Blackjack

Have you ever wanted to take a Mulligan, a do-over in blackjack? Well, then Switch Blackjack is the game for you. This is a version of blackjack that has most of the same rules as all of the other variations. The object is to reach closer to 21 than the dealer. There are 4 decks used with 52 cards in each deck. The dealer stands on all 17s.

However, the big difference is that you can switch out your second card! Because of this rule, some other rules are different. For example, a blackjack pays you only 1 to 1 in this variation and other bets are even money. You can imagine with the chance to switch your second card, there are a lot more blackjacks achieved. There is no chance to make an insurance side bet and there is no surrender! You just have to go for a big win.

The dealer will deal each player two hands with two cards each. If you have one hand that is 3, 10 and the second hand is A, 2, then you have a blackjack! You can switch the A to the 10 hand for a 21. That was easy, right? That is why you will only get a 1 to 1 pay out for blackjack in this Switch version. You are allowed to double down on a 9, 10 or 11. If you would like to split face cards, there is no re-splitting and no doubling down after you split.

Versions all over the world have made their way onto our blackjack tables and are becoming as beloved as the classic version. These variations offer great excitement and a chance to shake up the old standard we love about this game.

Switch Blackjack