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Online Blackjack

When I think of Las Vegas, I think of an all-out experience filled with excitement and no one to tell me what the responsible thing to do is. There are endless games to play, free drinks and more shows and shopping than one lifetime can accomplish. Well, you don't have to be irresponsible to play the Vegas Trip version of blackjack, and a consistent player will have a chance to really make a killing with this version.

What makes the Vegas Trip version so different than the classic versions of blackjack has to do with the splitting and doubling. If you find yourself with a pair, you are allowed to split, including both face and value pairs. If you are dealt another set of pairs, you are allowed to split again, up to 4 hands! Remember, in order to split, you must also be able to double your original bet for your new split hand.

Doubling is allowed to players on any two cards! While the classic versions of blackjack require you to have 9,10, 11, Vegas Trip will let you decide when you can double down. To double your bet, place your chips next to your initial bet amount. By the rules of Vegas Trip, you are even allowed to double after re-splitting.

Mentioned above are some of the great differences between the classic and Vegas Trip versions of blackjack. In general, the rest of the rules are the same. There are still 4 decks used with 52 cards in each deck. If you win with a Blackjack, then you are paid 3 to 2, and all other wins are paid 2 to 1. The dealer is still going to play strictly by the house strategy and will always stand on a 17.

With a game that has the potential to raise the bet so high with just one hand, you should know that there is no surrender in Vegas Trip and if you decide that insurance is a good idea, it pays 2 to 1. The trick to playing a good game of Vegas Trip blackjack, is to keep your head about you. The basic strategy and card counting systems that you have worked so hard to internalize must still be used consistently. Remember that, and you will have a blast with this version of blackjack.

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